Quest descriptionEdit

The long-awaited day has finally come. The dwarves were pulling up a huge polished lens having thrown belts over a stone arch. When there was just a bit left, one of the belts broke and our many-months-long toil got hanging on a thread. Luckily, George did not lose his head and propped the lens up with a shaft. His momentary victory saved the day.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Portal stage6 1 Complete the final stage and activate the Portal none

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Filled with a wonderful blue light, the Portal was activiated. The old druid stood by, happily rubbing his hands and looking haughtily at the dwarf.
"So, my friend, you insist that inter-portal travel is completely safe? Let's not resort to violence, you go in alone and when you come back you can have the entire grape harvest, deal?"
"Your Grace, in theory, theoretically..." murmured the druid going pale, a fat drop of sweat crawling down his forehead like dwindling hope for a peaceful resolution.
"The entire harvest? Your Grace, can I go?" suddenly volunteered the reckless dwarf.
Half an hour later the dwarf was back jumping out of the shiny blue Portal with a huge cedar cone in his hands. We all felt a surge of energy and an irresistable desire for action.