The Agri-dwarves is a structure. There is a limit of 1 Agri-dwarves.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Stage 1 bought at Market
Stage 2 20 Malachite, 10 Fabric, 10 Emerald
FBFacebook logo: 10 Pearls, 10 Fabric, 2 Black pearl
500 Xp requ Add 2 dwarves,
total 4
Stage 2 50 Malachite, 10 Cambric, 3 Onyx
FBFacebook logo: 20 Pearls, 10 Cambric, 1 Onyx
2000 Xp requ Add 2 dwarves,
total 6


Agri-dwarves menu


This building provides two dwarves, with each upgrade you get 2 additional dwarves for a total of 6.

When assigning them tasks they will use your own energy, so make sure you have enough before sending out an assignment.

Illus agri dwarf


The Dwarves do the following:

  • Dig beds
    • plow garden bed
  • Plant seeds
    • sow crops in garden bed
  • Water trees
    • water trees and seedlings
  • Harvest
    • reap ALL trees and crops that have grown
  • Collect resources
    • collect animal output (only animals walking on map, not from coops)
  • Gold statues
    • collects ALL golden animals on the map
  • Upgrade
    • This upgrades the building, see above for details.


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