The Agri-dwarves is a structure. There is a limit of 1 Agri-dwarves on each site Estate/Camp, Emptyland & Dwarfville.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Stage 1
bought at Market 6 tasks
2 dwarves
Stage 2 20 Malachite, 10 Fabric, 10 Emerald
FBFacebook logo: 10 Pearls, 10 Fabric, 2 Black pearl
500 Xp requ Add extra task and 2 dwarves,
total 4 dwarves
Stage 3 50 Malachite, 10 Cambric, 3 Onyx
FBFacebook logo: 20 Pearls, 10 Cambric, 1 Onyx
2000 Xp requ Add 2 dwarves,
total 6 dwarves
Stage 4 8 Wreath, 8 Velvet, 3 Onyx 3000 Xp requ Add extra task and 2 dwarves,
total 8 dwarves


Agri-dwarves menu


This building provides two dwarves and 6 tasks, with each upgrade you get additional dwarves for a final total of 8 dwarves and 8 tasks.

When assigning them tasks they will use your own energy, so make sure you have enough before sending out an assignment.

Illus agri dwarf


The Dwarves do the following:

  • Dig beds
    • plow garden bed
  • Plant seeds
    • sow crops in garden bed
  • Water trees
    • water trees and seedlings
  • Harvest
    • reap ALL crops that have grown
  • Harvest Fruits ( Stages 2, 3 & 4 Only )
    • reap ALL trees that have grown
  • Collect resources
    • collect animal output (only animals walking on map, not from coops)
  • Gold statues
    • collects ALL golden animals on the map
  • Nests, Wool, Cans ( Stage 4 Only )
    • Collects All resources dumped from Farm Buildings exceeding storage limit
  • Upgrade ( Stages 1, 2 & 3 Only )
    • This upgrades the building, see above for details.


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