The Ancient Swords (also called the Great Swords or Obelisk Swords or Swords Base) is a structure, and allows visitor interactions. It can be stored in the inventory.

It is an ancient monument of the dwarves, found in Lake of Sorrow.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Ancient swords stage1
Stage 1
found in Lake of Sorrow, can be brought home
Construction box stage4
Stage 2
40 Cement, 150 Iron, 2 Obelisk Ruins
(unconfrmed version:) 30 Planks, 150 Iron, 2 Obelisk Ruins
500 Xp requ
1000 Coin scr
1 Ruby requ
Construction box stage5
Stage 3
10 Mortar, 50 Steel, 3 Obelisk Ruins 5000 Xp requ
10000 Coin scr
1 Ruby requ
Ancient swords
Stage 4
20 Mortar, 10 Rods, 5 Obelisk Ruins 5000 Xp requ
10000 Coin scr
1 Ruby requ


This decoration allows visitor interaction, 30/day.

Rewards for owner:

Rewards for visitor:


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