Quest descriptionEdit

I had a ton of things to do, but I've just been told that another holiday is coming up. This time it's a holiday of LOVE. I have no idea what to do; when Auntie comes I'll ask her, in the meantime, I'll do what the dwarves advised.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
ToC-Love 1 Visit one Idol Knight 5 Ruby requ
Love 50 Collect 50 Love 10 Ruby requ
Borscht 3 Make 3 helpings of borscht 10 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Today, while I do all my everyday stuff, Auntie will tell me about the new holiday, then I can celebrate it big time.

Quest illus aunt

Aunt: Hello! Did you want to see me?
Player: Yes!
Aunt: It's not often you call on me, what's the matter?
Player: I wanted to ask...
Aunt: About the Love holiday, I wager?
Player: That's it!
Aunt: He-he, well you do your thing and I'll stick around and tell you about the holiday.
Player: OK


  • Collect Love from Interacting with Friend items
  • Collect when friend interact with your items
  • Receive Love as gift
  • If you complete a quest which happens to reward love that works too

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