The Arena Gates ia a portal for fights and jousting.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Arena gates
Lvl 1; Beginner Arena
1 extant in Camp;
1 rewarded by Lady quest Unexpected visit
100% XP, Glory and Coins
Arena gates lv2
Lvl 2; Mercenary Arena
20 Wood, 30 Stones, 10 File 500 Xp requ +15% Coins for each combat
Arena gates lv3
Lvl 3; Veteran Arena
50 Stones, 20 Steel, 10 Paint 2000 Xp requ +15% XP for each Combat
Arena gates lv4
Lvl 4; Legendary Arena
200 Stones, 20 Pearls, 10 Cuirass

FBFacebook logo:200 Stones, 5 Cuirass, 5 Roof tiles

5000 Xp requ -1 Energy for each Combat


This structure can be stored in your Inventory. Allowing you to install it in other lands freeing up space on your Estate or Camp.

As long as it is installed on the map, the player can engage in Jousting combat.


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