The Arena Gates ia a portal for fights and jousting.


Level/ Stage
Materials Reward Function
Arena gates
Lvl 1; Beginner Arena
1 extant in Camp;
1 rewarded by Lady quest Unexpected visit
100% XP, Glory and Coins
Arena gates lv2
Lvl 2; Mercenary Arena
20 Wood, 30 Stones, 10 File 500 Xp requ +15% Coins for each combat
Arena gates lv3
Lvl 3; Veteran Arena
50 Stones, 20 Steel, 10 Paint 2000 Xp requ +15% XP for each Combat
Arena gates lv4
Lvl 4; Legendary Arena
200 Stones, 20 Pearls, 10 Cuirass

FBFacebook logo:200 Stones, 5 Cuirass, 5 Roof tiles

5000 Xp requ -1 Energy for each Combat


This structure can be stored in your Inventory. Allowing you to install it in other lands freeing up space on your Estate or Camp.


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