Blackwood is a location that can be reached via the airship.



Objects to take home: Stockade x6(or more), Scary fence, ...

Resources: special resources are Silver, Gold, Diamonds, Malachite, Marble, Cedars.

Geologist resources: Silver ore (3), Malachite (3). After u use geologist you need 3x210 energy for Silver ore and 1x120, 2x210 energy for Malachite.


"Create colony" requirements:

  1. Empty Wizard Tower storage. It should be empty.
  2. Collect all chests, baskets, bundles of grass and logs from the territory.
  3. Destroy all Bandits' Towers.
  4. Clear 70% of the land of stones and plants
  5. Complete the Storm Rose quest.

Rewards: 20 Ruby requ, 100000 Coin scr, 100 Energy requ

Daily Rewards:


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