The Bookmaker Table is used for betting on combat, winning coins and rubies.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Bookmaker table
Stage 1
1 rewarded by Lady quest Lv 15 Special Drill or Knight quest Lv 7 Special Drill


Bets and Rules

  1. Select the currency and set the amount you wish to bet.
  2. The higher the bet the higher the ratio of your winnings as well as the amount of rage you get to start with in combat.
  3. Choose between Coins or Rubies. Knights can also choose to dedicate to a Lady of their choice similar to when making a dedication in the Arena.
  4. A bet will be active for 5 minutes during which time you will wait for another player to accept. You can leave the betting screen, but if anyone replies to your bet and you do not respond within 10 second you will lose on technicality.
  5. For a player to accept your bet they will need to be the same level as you, the one making the bet.
  6. If no player accept your bet within the allotted time you will have your bet fully refunded.


  1. If a player accept your bet and you respond, you will get a chance to duel them.
  2. A duel takes place the same as a normal Arena Duel. If you need more detail on combat and dueling, see Jousting.
  3. If you win the duel your winnings will consist of your bet times the ratio set.
  4. If you do not win the duel you will only lose the amount you bet.
  5. If you accept the bet from another player you set the same amount of the bet and lose it if they win.
  6. As a knight winning a dedication you will win the ratio plus 1/3 (33.33%) towards the Lady you have dedicated to.
  7. As a knight accepting a bet you will be unable to make a dedication.
  8. Good Luck and bet responsibly.

Quests using the object:Edit

Lady quests:

Knight quests:


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