The Bulletin Board shows other players that can be contacted via the Signs of Trust to gain as a friend.

Yes, the Bulletin Board is broken and has been for some time, as seen by the many statements and complaints in the comments and forum.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Bulletin board
Stage 1
1 in Estate/Camp


The Bulletin Board has different tabs, showing other players currently online. To refresh the board just close the Board and open again, or you can also refresh the game. This structure can also be stored in your inventory.

Find a Soul-mate: This tabs shows currently online opposite-gender players who are the same level to 3 levels above, allowing you to find a Soul-Mate, Idol or Friend. The Board gives the options:

  • to visit the player's estate/camp,
  • send a gift using coins or rubies,
  • ask for an engagement,
  • add the player as an idol (but only if they already are on your friend list),
  • send a Sign of Trust for rubies (If there is no Sign of Trust button the player is already your friend list. It's possible to avoid this by searching the player manually and adding them that way.)

Duels: This tab shows currently online players of your own level to 2 levels above, to engage with in duels. It is available when the player has their Arena Gates. It also has the option to take yourself off the list and not show up to other players.


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