The Christmas Tree. There will be gifts under the Tree on Christmas night. The more the Tree is improved, the prettier it is and the better the gifts.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Christmas tree stage1
Stage 1
bought at Market
1 rewarded by quest Holiday is Coming
FBFacebook logo: not yet available
Christmas tree stage2
Stage 2
50 Snowball, 10 Candy, 20 Pipe 250 Xp requ,
1000 Coin scr
Cute Christmas Tree
Christmas tree stage3
Stage 3
250 Icicle, 20 Candy, 20 Ribbon 500 Xp requ,
2000 Coin scr
Let's hang some more balls on the Tree
Christmas tree stage4
Stage 4
100 Snowball, 30 Candy, 200 Lanterns 500 Xp requ,
3000 Coin scr
Decorate the Tree with a garland and a topper
Christmas tree stage5
Stage 5
50 Glass, 50 Candy, 15 Rainbow 1000 Xp requ,
10000 Coin scr,

1 Ruby requ

Let's hang more balls and crystal snowflakes


Has a wheel of fortune of Winter Prizes, which can be spun with 1 Candy. Reward can be coins, XP, and a variety of items.


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