Colonies are transformed travel locations. They can no longer be mined for resources, but allow the collection of rewards and the continued use of the main building and its production function, but not of the storage function.


If a location has an option to colonise it, then in the menu of a location's main building (or "key building") is a "Create colony" button. Once the requirements listed there have been met, the location can be transformed into a colony.

This changes the location into a decorative landscape, which no longer permits interaction with resources etc. The location's main building continues to exist in the colony and can be used as before to produce items, but no longer has a storage. Additionally, the player is able to collect a daily reward off the colony when visiting it.

A player cannot have more than 4 active locations opened at once. In order to discover and unlock more locations and lands one must colonise already active open locations.

New permanent locations added to the game often do not have a colony option available yet. It may take a while for a location to become colonisable.

List of coloniesEdit

These location can be made into colonies:

Key buildingsEdit

Key Location Structures
Location old lighthouse
Old Lighthouse
Old Lighthouse
Fairy tree
Fairy Tree
Lake of Sorrow
Mountain valley city hall
City Hall
Mountain Valley
Wizard tower
Wizard Tower
Ringleader's den
Ringleader's Den
Water tower
Water Tower
Lava craters
Flying ship
Flying Ship
Sunny Savannah
Architect's workshop
Architect's Workshop
Architect's Manor
Abandoned Park
Old fortress
Old Fortress
Treasure Island
Heavenly palace
Heavenly Palace
Lost City
Pirate's hut
Pirate's Hut
Abandoned Lands
Mage tower
Mage Tower
Guardians of Oblivion



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