Quest descriptionEdit

A beautiful and tragic story. If all of this is true I hope the lovers were really re-born as swans.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
ToC-Love 5 Make sure that the Knights ate the 5 Dishes you left 5 Ruby requ
Perfume 5 Make 5 flasks of perfume 15 Ruby requ
Tent 50 Visit Knights and knock at their tents 50 time 10 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I'm grateful to Auntie, she always helps to get clear on a situation.

Quest illus aunt

Aunt: Well, I guess that's all of the legend. The craftsmen even re-created that very pond based on it and called it the Love Lake. I don't know if you've already started building it, if not - check out your Inventory.
Player: OK
Aunt: The moral the story is that love knows no bounds, nor time, nor space, nor life, nor death. It is worth living and dying for.
Player: I understand
Aunt: You should never leave your loved ones. You should be like the swans - having chosen a mate, they live with her to the end of their days; that's what their love is like.
Player: Like you and Uncle!
Aunt: He-he-he! Well, maybe like us. Now I should be on my way; take care and don't forget to wish a happy holiday to that very one.
Player: Goodbye!


  • first requirement means, "wait for a knight to eat your meal".

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