Cow calf


Cow adult


Milk can

milk can

Cow golden


Level / Unlock: Lvl 7
Price: 5000 Coin scr
Juvenile Feedings: 2 Milk, 1h, 3x
Adult Feedings: Grass/Hay, 4h, 12x
Product: Milk
Golden statue: XP, Coin, Milk, Meat, Leather,
Makeup, Girly, Butterflies



To grow into an adult cow, calves go through 3 stages, each 1 hour long, after being fed first 1 Milk and then 2 Milk each the other two times. The adult cow eats the grass in your area, or bales of Hay, which can be produced in the Barn or bought at the Market.

Cows can be kept in the Cowshed, once inside they can be fed Grass.

After feeding, the cow will produce 1 Milk after a time of 4 hours; after 12 production turns it turns into a golden statue.

Harvesting in Cowshed:

    • 5-15 Coin scr
    • 5 Xp requ
    • 1 Milk

A Finished cow will become a golden statue, which contains:

Quests using the animal:Edit

Lady quests:

Knight quests:

  • ...


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