The Cowshed is an animal structure that keeps cows.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Stage 1
bought at Market none
Stage 2
50 Bricks, 10 Cane, 5 Buckle 150 Xp requ none
Stage 3
50 Wood, 15 Beads, 5 Thread 500 Xp requ none
Stage 4 = Finished
10 Ribbon, 150 Wheat, 5 Fabric 1500 Xp requ Capacity:
Cows 30
Milk 90
Stage 5
10 Boots, 10 Roof tiles, 15 Velvet 1000 Xp requ Capacity:
Cows 50
Milk 150


Milk can

milk can

Cows can be kept in the shed. They can be bought directly in it, and wandering cows can be sent there; but once inside they cannot be sent out again.

The coop can be loaded with milk and grass to feed the calves and adult cows.

The cows are milked and the milk collected inside the cowshed storage, and its content can be taken by the cowshed's owner, protecting them from theft. If the cowshed's storage is full, all further milk will appear in milk cans on the map until the storage is cleared again. Golden statues of cowshed-housed cows appear on the map outside.


A bull can be bought for bonuses. It is active for a period of 3 days, and is reactivated with a cost of 3 Vitamins + 1 Bouquet + 1 Perfume. An activated bull increases the number of milk, items, experience, and coins.

For basic information on how animal structures work, see Animal structures.


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