Dahlia multi

Different colors of Dahlias can be bought or found in Dahlia Flower Bed harvests.

Item obtained from:Edit

White Dahlia:

Item used for:Edit


Dahlia red
Dahlia (red)
666 Ruby requ
Dahlia blue
Blue Dahlia
666 Ruby requ
Dahlia green
Green Dahlia
555 Ruby requ
Dahlia orange
Orange Dahlia
666 Ruby requ
Dahlia purple
Purple Dahlia
777 Ruby requ
Dahlia yellow
Yellow Dahlia
666 Ruby requ
Dahlia white
White dahlia
25 Weight icon
1 found in Ice Kingdom

Quests using the item:Edit


  • The FIRST SEED you get from a quest, a gift or find in Faraway lands. Plant and harvest repeatedly for more chances to get new seeds. So, yes it possible to get even get seeds of other colors using the red you start with. It's like a mini game to see how much rare seeds you can find.
  • Only the Purple Dahlia seeds can be gifted to others.
    Dahlia storage

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