Housekeeper's Handbook questlineEdit

Location estate

Questline available with Level 1.
Themes: The basics of farming and Estate economy.
Notes: Formerly named "Episode 1 (Lady)". The questline received a major overhaul with the 08.05.2016 Old Lighthouse update.

Quest icon book
  1. Housekeeper's Handbook
  2. A Glossy Apple
  3. My Land
  4. Chick, Hen, Bricks!
  5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  6. With a Cherry on Top
  7. Grindstone
  8. Ti-i-i-mber!
  9. In the Name of Beauty
  10. The Way to the Heart
  11. ...?

Old quests, not yet reviewed post-update:

  1. First recipe
  2. A Treat for an Idol
  3. Storing Up
  4. What's for Dinner?
  5. Full and Light
  6. Towers Up
  7. Big Repairs
  8. Feedback
  9. Fashion Up
  1. Good Connections (new strain or part of old?; Friends quest; inbetween Full and Light + Towers Up?)

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