Fairytale leadlight menu screenshot

The upgrading menu.

The Fairytale Leadlight is a decoration.

It was part of the 2017-2018 Fairytale Adventures event series.



Structure Stage Materials Reward
Fairytale leadlight stage1
Stage 1
1 rewarded from quest The story begins
Upgrades: 12 picture fragments each: 100 Fairytale Fragments


This decoration allows visitor interaction, ?/day.

It can be upgraded with Fairytale Fragments (100 Fairytale fragments per upgrade), which are gained from the Fairytale Worlds / Fairytale Adventures event series.

Upgrades can be bought in any order. Each upgrade adds a piece of the picture and more rewards for visitor interaction.

Structure Stage Reward
Fairytale leadlight
Base stage
Rewards for owner / Rewards for visitor:
Fairytale leadlight fragment arabian night
Fragment Arabian Night
from 2017 Arabian Night
Fairytale leadlight fragment beast and the beast
Fragment Beast and the Beast
from 2017 Beast and the Beast
Fairytale leadlight fragment wonderland unlocked
Fragment Wonderland Unlocked
from 2017 Wonderland Unlocked
Fairytale leadlight fragment spirit of christmas
Fragment Spirit of Christmas
from 2017 Royal Ice Rink
Fairytale leadlight fragment mirror shard
Fragment Mirror Shard
from 2018 Four Seasons
Fairytale leadlight fragment sleepy burrow
Fragment Sleepy Burrow
from 2018 Sleepy Burrow
Fairytale leadlight fragment makeover county
Fragment Makeover County
from 2018 Makeover County
Fragment Robin Hood
from 2018 Sherwood Forest
Fragment Swan Lake
from 2018 Swan Lake
Stage 11
Stage 12
Stage 13

Quests using the decoration:Edit


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