The Forge crafts armor, lances and shields with enchantments through the use of Victorium.[1] It is storeable.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Forge stage1
Stage 1
1 extant in Camp
1 rewarded by quest Masters' Secrets
Forge stage2
Stage 2
3 Wheel
10 Reedpipe
10 Belt
500 Xp requ


Forge enchanting

The enchanting menu in the Forge.

The Forge is used to craft equipment to use in Jousting. Equipment can be enchanted with Victorium, enhancing its characteristics.

Enchanting a piece of equipment with Victorium gives the equipment a random bonus of one, sometimes two, of the following stats: Damage Stat-Damage, Health Stat-Health, Rage Stat-Rage, Crit Chance Stat-Critchance, Crit Strength Stat-Critstrength.

To do so one needs to select a piece of equipment from the left-side menu and a piece of Victorium from the right-side menu and click the Enchant button. The Victorium will be used up to give the equipment a random improvement bonus, sometimes two bonuses. The size of the bonus depends on the player's level and on the used Victorium's level. Enchanting an item again removes the previous enchantment.


  1. Previous to the 08.12.2015 update the Forge crafted new armor and weaponry instead of enchanting market-bought equipment. It also made the Forge available to Ladies.

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