Glory ( Glory relv), also called Reputation, is a measurement gained through various means. Higher glory gives higher titles, which give the player more Admirers and opens new options in the Market and other places.

Glory can be gained from visitor interaction (plus bonuses from clothes), eaten dishes, combat and dedicated victories, as rewards for tasks, quests and collections, and others.

Up until Lv 6 Countess/Count glory is counted continously. Titles above Lv 6 Countess/Count are achieved in a contest that counts weekly glory ranks and resets each week. Once the current maximum possible level of glory is reached by a player, all newly acquired glory in converted into coins instead.

For levels gained and things unlocked through leveling, see Level.


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(The glory counter resets and starts from 0 with each gained title.)

Lv Glory Female Male Reward Unlocks
1 0 Crownf-Lady-in-waiting
2 Id,
2 Ad
2 100 Crownf-Lady
+2 max Energy requ
+1 Admirer icon

m: armor: Spark, Champion, Destroyer, Aegis, lances: Sharp Sting , Healing, Stabber, Corkscrew, Berserk, shield: Torero Shield, Noble Shield, Bastard, Rosy Shield

3 500 Crownf-Grande dame
Grande Dame
+1 Admirer icon

m: armor: Piranha, Warrior, Bone, Assassin, Strong, shield: Raging Shield, Glazed Shield, Lapis-lazuli Shield

4 1500 Crownf-Baroness
+2 max Energy requ
+1 Admirer icon

m: armor: Tiger, Cliff, lances: Hick, Elegant, Balmy, shield: Carved Shield, Spider Shield

5 5000 Crownf-Viscountess
+1 Admirer icon Cocoa Beans, Vanilla; Cane as gift; decorations: Viscount Flag, Valentine Fence, Gates of Love;

f: Spike, Puncher; m: armor: Centurion, Volcano; shield: Divine Shield; Viking head (for coin)

6 f:15000
+1 Admirer icon

f: lances: Fatal, Radiant shields: Noble Shield, Duelist, Powerful, Raging; m: lances: Radiant, shield: Noble Shield, Fiery, Rage of the Mitre

Special TitlesEdit

The upper titles are awarded according to a different system. Instead of a continuous accumulation of glory, it switches to a weekly competition to gain glory after which the player's glory counter is reset to 0. (It functions much like the Top of the week.) Each week, the top few glory earners in a title category receive a mark for a win. After several such wins, the player is promoted to the next higher title category.

Upon Reaching Count/Countess players are eligible for the upper titles. Players of the title Count/Countess who reach the Top 100 three times get the title of Marquis/Marquise. Players of the title Marquis/Marquise who reach the Top 10 three times get the title of Duke/Duchess. Players of the title Duke/Duchess who reach the Top 5 three times get the title of Prince/Princess. When you get title Prince all glory you earn after that is converted into coins.

The glory counter resets and starts from 0 every week, Sunday 11pm (GMT+2).

Lv Glory Female Male Reward Unlocks
7 ~ Crownf-Marquise
+2 max Energy requ
+1 Admirer icon
8 ~ Crownf-Duchess
+5 max Energy requ
+1 Admirer icon
9 ~ Crownf-Princess
n/A Energy requ
+1 Admirer icon

Glory PretenderEdit

For being in the Top 100 Glory Players also receive a bountiful weekly gift of RUBIES!!!

Category Description Prizes
Marquise Top 1 300 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 2 250 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 3 200 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 4 175 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 5 150 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 6 125 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 7 115 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 8 100 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 9 75 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 10 50 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 11 25 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 21 15 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 51 10 Ruby requ
Marquise Top 76 5 Ruby requ


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