The Gold Collection is a collection that can be assembled out of collection items and exchanged for rewards.


Gold Collection
Coll heraldry lion
(from Heraldry Collection)
Coll horse horse
(from Horse Collection)
Coll helmet helmet of luck
Helmet of Luck
(from Helmet Collection)
Coll gambling four-leaf clover
Four-leaf Clover
(from Gambling Collection)
Coll zodiac power
(from Zodiac Collection)

Collection reward:Edit

Coll gold time

Result item: Time

  • 1000 Coin scr
  • 500 Xp requ
  • 1 Key Key
  • Result item: Time

Items obtained from:Edit

Quests using the collection:Edit


  • Collection items translations:

·English: Lion, Horse, Helmet of Luck, Four-leaf Clover, Power, Time ·

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