Golden Hands (formerly Golden-touch Hands[1]) give you extra visitor interaction points. It can also be used over an interaction limit. For example if an item is maxed 15/15 you will be able to do 16/15 and over on that same item. A player has a maximum of 50 free visitor interactions per day, and can use a maximum of 5 of these per friend. To exceed the overall or per-friend-limit, Golden-touch Hands can be used.

Golden hand10x = 5 Ruby requ
Golden hand50x = 19 Ruby requ
Golden hand150x = 49 Ruby requ
Golden hand1,000x = 249 Ruby requ

Item rewarded from:Edit

Lady quests:

Knight quests:


  1. Item Golden-touch Hand was renamed to Golden Hand, at least with the 16.02.2016 update or before.

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