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  • Keys are rewarded from exchanging the Gold Collection; difficult to get for that one is usually the result item from the Zodiac Collection.
    • Gambling Collection: Gambling is easy to get (Visit Knights and interact with their lvl 2 or 3 Lion-Man Statue (when you see it spinning around with dust underneath, gives more odds to win set parts), You can also interact with any players that has a Valor Cup and Generosity Cup as well as from the restored statues of either the Boy or the Girl)
    • Zodiac Collection: Zodiac is the hardest to get so far you can get them from interacting with Players who have an Alchemist Cup, Couturier Cup or Super Cup) Not many player in the game currently have these. You can also collect Zodiac parts form interacting with the restored statues of either the Boy or the Girl . So it'll take a while to collect 20 Zodiacs each