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The Royal Couple, the King and Queen.

The unnamed Kingdom is the main setting of the game Knights and Brides.

It is ruled by the King and his Queen.

It is inhabited by humans and dwarves.


Known details:

  • There is an unnamed capital city.
  • The King's Road runs through the Kingdom.
  • The Lady player's Estate lies close to the King's Road; it is located on the way between the capital and the North. Close by it there is a village.
  • the Knight player's Camp
  • There are mountains in the north, the Northern Range, which is also where the Kingdom's northern border is.
  • To the north, beyond the Northern Range and the Kingdom's border, lie the Faraway Lands, with the Lake of Sorrow and the Mountain Valley. Both were inhabited by dwarves, before they were driven out or enslaved by bandits.[1]


There is a great tournament held at Sir Veimar's, attended by the King and Queen, and the Player.[2]

The King is gathering a guard of warriors on his own, as is the Queen with a guard of warrior ladies.

There is a war brewing and going on at the northern borders of the Kingdom. There are reports of babarians invading, but also of monsters and evil magics[3]. Many refugees are fleeding from the north.

To help fight the invasion in the north, the royal couple gives the command for the nobles to build airships and sends out trained pilots to crew them.[4]


  • Smiles Day is a holiday of generosity[5]
  • The Love Holiday is a holiday celebrating love and your partner and soulmate.[6] It is based on a legend of a princess and a gardener falling in love.[7]


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