Last Request Quest icon handshake
Quest illus armorweaponry
  • 500 Coin scr
  • 750 Xp requ
Questline Episode 2 (Knight)
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Old Knight IV No Robin Hood

Quest descriptionEdit

Fortunes change. Sir Froy met me begging. His youngest son was captured. The villains are demanding a ransom and Sir Froy swears that he is as poor as a church mouse. I'll have to collect the ransom -- it's too dangerous to attack these outlaws -- they're threatening to cut off parts of the son.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Boots 2 Make boots for the ransom 3 Ruby requ
Coins3 1000 Earn 1,000 coins in combat for the ransom 3 Ruby requ
Fightmove-Healing 10 Train in Healing, just in case 3 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

The outlaws took the ransom and promised to release Sir Froy's son. We'll have to rely on their honesty.