Quest descriptionEdit

My friends told me that on this day you have to pay special attention to the other sex and if you have a soul mate, then to him and him only. The holiday was born of a legend; maybe Auntie will tell it to me.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Bouquet 5 Make 5 bouquets. You won't get anywhere without flowers on this holiday. 5 Ruby requ
Trash 1 10 Help your Idol Knights with the cleaning 10 Ruby requ
Feather 10 Give your friends 10 orange Quills from your Inventory 15 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I just got ready to listen when the bandits showed up! I'll show them!

Quest illus aunt

Aunt: So you want to know about the holiday?
Player: Sure!
Aunt: It all started with a legend about a noble-born girl and a simple gardener at her father's court.
Player: So, what happened?
Aunt: They often saw each other while he worked, taking care of the garden, and she went for walks there.
Player: A-a-and?
Aunt: It so happened that they started talking and fell in love with each other... Oh, who's that? Are you expecting anyone?
Player: Bandits!


  • You can trade the quill to a friend and have them trade it back.
  • Knight MUST be an Idol for trash to count.

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