Quest descriptionEdit

The Airship does not fly on miracles. It flies on fuel. If you don't have enough fuel for the trip back you'll have to unload everything. So, load up the fuel and we'll be off!

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Sunflower plant 20 Plant some sunflowers, you can use them to make fuel. 10 Ruby requ
Cow 3 You'll need some food on the road, buy some calves for future use. 3 Ruby requ
Coins3 5000 Play Zonc with the Pilot and win 5,000 coins 3 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Finally, the Faraway Lands! It seems like I've been waiting for this many months, even though it all happened so suddenly!

Quest illus pilot

Pilot: Alright, let's say you're ready even though I think nothing of the kind. listen to me carefully.
Player: I'm listening
Pilot: I can take you to two places. You decide which one we'll be going to. I can tell you a bit about what you need to be ready for there. You see, you are not, so to say, my first passenger!
Player: That's good
Pilot: Closer to our Lands, right beyond the Northern Range are the lands that are called the Lake of Sorrow. Once upon a time it used to be called something else and my distant relatives the wood dwarves used to live there!
Player: What happened then?
Pilot: Then, these bloodthirsty blackguards, the Northern bandits wandered there from the Mountain Valley. They made slaves of the dwarves and their famous Fairy Tree wilted.
Player: That's awful!
Pilot: I'd advise you to go there -- it's the fringes of the domain of the Bandit Clans. But if you are strong in body and spirit you can go to the Mountain Valley.
Player: What's there?
Pilot: There is a village where there lived... (clouds over). It doesn't matter. The bandits built a sort of a Fort there. They captured the dwarves' City Hall and they have a large garrison there.
Player: I see.
Pilot: Well, once you decide, I'm ready to start the engine. Hurry with the decision, the sunflower oil is burning out.
Player: I'm ready!


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