Quest descriptionEdit

There's just a bit more work left to finish the mast. I also need to think of what to use to light the beacon.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Glass 4 Make Glass to build a beacon 5 Ruby requ
Fire salt 2 Get some Fire Salt to light the beacon 10 Ruby requ
Airmast 1 Finish the Airmast so you can signal to the Pilot 3 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

The mast is done. Frankly when I saw the multi-colored papers, I thought the Herald would announce new kinds of dahlias that the King grows, but it didn't turn out that way and soon I will be visiting the Faraway Lands!

Quest illus pilot

Pilot: (Comes singing) Blue-e Fo-o-g! Looks like a lo-o-og! Oh, I see you've built a beacon, hic (hiccoughs and peers at the light). Or is it two beacons?
Player: One
Pilot: Oh, well, one is enough. Listen up, little lady. I am a Pilot, and I'll even let you use my Airship if you pay for my services. And always listen to me. Because I am the captain of an Airship! And you will be its passenger.
Player: Hmm
Pilot: Don't sniff at me. Alright, I don't charge much, but I'll need an advance. I'll take it in Cherry Brandy! You can pay before the first flight!
Player: OK
Pilot: You'll have to get some instructions before we go. I'll tell you how to fly the ship and how to fuel it and what with. Are you ready?
Player: Always


  • You can create fire salt in workshop or received as a gift.

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