For the items, see Malachite and Malachite Ore.

Malachite is a resource. It can be cut to receive Malachite Ore and Emeralds.

Malachite can be found in permanent locations Old Lighthouse, Emptyland, Dwarfville, Zoo, Blackwood, Battlefield, Ancient Temple, as well as in various temporary locations.


Extracted from the resource:Edit

Per click:

In expedition locations, malachite yields travel finds:

Malachite chest:

Treasure chest green 1

Small(or medium?) malachite treasure chest: (WIP, still gathering info)

Quests using the resource:Edit

Lady quests:

Knight quests:


  • Formerly the three Malachite resource objects (27, 70, 115pcs) were named Green Stone, Green Block, Green Cliff.