Quest descriptionEdit

The Knights have it hard now -- it's all training and practice. They're up to their necks in dirt. I should help them.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Trash 1 50 Help the Knights to clean up 50 times
(FBFacebook logo:10)
10 Ruby requ
Cake 3 Make several cakes 7 Ruby requ
Magic egg 2 Make 2 Magic Eggs 10 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

A messenger from the North! The barbaric hordes are coming our way. There is no hope that they'll miss us. That means war.


  • The first requirement counts hits on trash, not number of trash objects.
  • You will need a minimum of 5 table slots to create a cake, a total of 170 Ruby requ.
    • Step 1: Create first Apple Pie
    • Step 2: Create second Apple Pie
    • Step 3: Create 2 Cherry Brandy and 1 Lemonade
    • Step 4: Create Cocktail
    • Step 5: Assemble Cake
    • Sell, eat or feed the cake to a Knight and repeat these steps until quest is complete.

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