Quest descriptionEdit

Once upon a time this valley was my clan's home. Then we became exiles. It's time we take this land back!

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Airmast 1 Travel to the Mountain Valley 15 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

We've landed in a mountain valley. It is so quiet. It seems the air itself is breathing unease.

Quest illus pilot

Pilot: We are in the Mountain Valley. And I've remembered something. The Bandits who conquered there lands have destroyed the ancient monuments of the Dwarves. There were three of them: the Great Swords, The Magic Well, and the Sacred Throne.
Player: Interesting
Pilot: The Sacred Well was here in the Valley in the Dwarf Village. The Obelisk Swords were on the shores of the Lake of Sorrow. The Throne was somewhere further north, but we can't get there yet.
Player: Why?
Pilot: Magic Storms. Ever since the bandits have won over this land there are constant storms raging to the north of the Mountain Valley. I heard legends about some pilots who went through the Storm Front, but I've never seen a live pilot who managed it!
Player: So, what's here?
Pilot: Here we go with caution. Our goal is to find the Old Village. Stay alert, I doubt that the bandits left these lands.
Player: Let's go!


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