Quest descriptionEdit

There was a lightning and the bandits disappeared screaming, leaving a bunch of useful stuff behind them. One find was especially surprising and even frightening. Next to a bandit there was a stone with a dragon eye carved on it. I saw one just like it in my dream! I should ask Uncle for advice; he used to like telling me dragon stories when I was little! In the meantime, I should do what Auntie had asked me.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Coins3 30000 Warn your friends about the coming troops and collect subscriptions (knock out 30,000 gold) 10 Ruby requ
Passion flower 50 Harvest the growing passion flower! It is unlikely that the soldiers will appreciate the delicate taste of the fruit. 10 Ruby requ
Coins3 500000 Make room in the Inventory to store the villagers' goods. (Sell goods from your Inventory) 20 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I'm all tired out, but I got it done. Now the troops passing through our provinces will have no excuse for marauding.

Quest illus uncle

Uncle: Did you ask me to stop by, Niece? What's the matter and what's that shining in your hand?
Player: (Give the stone)
Uncle: Wow! This is the legendary Draconite, or Dragon's Eye as the folk call it. Where did you get it? It's a very rare stone and really hard to come by these days.
Player: The bandits...
Uncle: Hm, They brought it with them? Hold on. I just remembered something. Sir Gaymore lives somewhere around here. They say that there were real dragon-fighting knights among his ancestors. He's a nice old man and if you please him, he'll tell you what he knows about it. Just be careful about the bandits. Wait for some knights heading towards Gaymore castle...
Player: Alright, Uncle!


  • Unless you use 190 rubies to unlock passion flowers or 10 rubies to skip the quest, you must be level 24 to plant and harvest this crop. Therefore level 24 to complete this quest.
  • This quest for me did not say grow passion fruit, it said to grow 60 peppers. (Note: Sentence added by User:, unknown game version.)

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