Quest descriptionEdit

The weather was wonderful. Butterflies fluttered in the warm air that came up from the earth, the chirping of the crickets was only once in a while interrupted by a hammer blow. "Hey don't mope," I had to cheer on the dwarves who were listlessly chugging away at the stones. "If we could have something to eat, your Ladyship; you don't work half as well not eating!" replied the dwarves. "There's a sure way to cheer them up, your Ladyship," brightened up the druid and started whispering in my ear. Not a bad idea!" I thought.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Tomatoes 100 The dwarves are hungry; grow 100 tomatoes for their salad. 20 Ruby requ
Vitamins 5 Make 5 jars of vitamins; add them to te dwarves' dinner -- that'll pick them up. 20 Ruby requ
Portal stage4 1 Make the third Portal improvement. none

Quest completion descriptionEdit

The druid's plan worked! After eating tomatoes with vitamins the dwarves scuttled around like crazy, they didn't calm down even after dark -- I had to send them to forge iron!


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