Quest descriptionEdit

It has been several months since the well-remembered tournament at Sir Veimar's. I spent a ton of money and effort, but found nothing whatsoever about the Black Knight. You can't say that I was bored all this time, however. The Queen is gathering her army of Amazons; the King, apparently, is doing the same thing. On top of everything, there is a real war in the North now and it's coming closer and closer. Auntie is coming to see me today and we will certainly discuss the latest events. In the meantime, I'll follow Uncle's advice and look after the Estate.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Resource-Thistles 10 Cut down weeds and grass -- that way the bandits won't be able to creep up on you. 10 Ruby requ
Chicken coop 55 Once upon a time, chickens saved the Capital by giving away the apporaching enemy. Grow chickens in Chicken Coops. 10 Ruby requ
Fodder x15 5 Hungry chickens do not make good watchmen. Make 5 bags of Fodder in the Barn. 10 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I had nightmares all night long. I kept seeing a fiery eye that was looking at me out of the darkness. I woke up exhausted.

Quest illus aunt

Aunt: Hi deary. I finally have some good news. Troops have been sent North with Duke Zhu in command. I hope they sort out these brigands before the brigands sort us out. But that's not all.
Player: WHAT ELSE?
Aunt: It is unclear which road the troops will follow on their way North. If they come through our lands, be prepared for pillaging. It's unavoidable. Warn the locals; better yet, make sure their barns are empty.
Player: I'LL DO THAT!


  • the first requirement counts weeds/grass objects cut, not hits
  • the second requirement counts chickens bought inside the coop, not raised

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