The Quarry cuts and processes rocks and other similar natural resources. It does not need energy and has no object size limit like the player character.

Quarries can mine most stones and rocks, minerals, and metals; they also can mine some other resources.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Quarry lv1
Lv 1
  • 1 extant on Estate/Camp, 1 on Dwarfville
  • bought at Market
Lv 2
50 Wood, 10 Nails, 15 Poppy
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100 Xp requ Speed: 6 stones/h,
Capacity: 12
Lv 3
10 Trowel, 10 Belt, 5 Bottle
FBFacebook logo:100 Tomatoes, 10 Belt, 5 Bottle
1000 Xp requ Speed: 10 stones/h,
Capacity: 30
Lv 4
150 Pineapple, 3 Gear, 10 Cement
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3000 Xp requ Speed: 20 stones/h,
Capacity: 60


Used for mining:


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