Quest descriptionEdit

You know, if you decide to do good deeds you have to do them all the way. It's not enough to feed them, look at their rags - you've got to dress them.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Fabric 5 Make fabric at the Weaving Mill. You'll need it to make clothes for the dwarves. 10 Ruby requ
Boots 5 Make boots for all prisoners 15 Ruby requ
Cotton chintz 5 Fabric works for men, but not for Lady-Dwarves. Make some Cotton chintz. 15 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I am not the famous moneybag Popfeller, of course, but to hell with it, with money. People's gratitude, that is dwarves', is worth it.

Illus dwarfess

Dwarfess: Benevolent miss/sir. You were kind to us. That is why we will share our great secret with you! When your pilot talked to me under the moon (blushes) we learned that you were looking for a way through the Magic Storms to the Blackwood and Battlefield.
Player: That's so.
Dwarfess: When the bandits attacked us we found out how they managed to get through the Magic Storms. They were helped by a magical item called the Wind Rose. We managed to steal it for a little while and we know how to make it. When you are done come see me; I'll start a fire by that tree in the meantime.
Player: How?
Dwarfess: This item is made of two parts. You can make one part at the Lake of Sorrow if you heal the Fairy Tree. The other part is made at the City Hall in the Mountain Valley. As soon as you make the two parts we'll tell you how to make the Wind Rose.
Player: I'm going!
Dwarfess: I'd like to warn you, miss/sir. It won't be easy to do and the bandits will try to get in your way. But we believe in you!
Player: Yeah!