Quest descriptionEdit

I decided to give George a holiday to ask him about things. We can play Zonk, eat something nice, and then I'll ask him.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Coins3 10000 Win 10,000 coins playing ZONK and tell George that you are giving him a raise to make him talk. 3 Ruby requ
Cherry brandy 5 Make cherry brandy and give it to George, he's sure to become chattier. 5 Ruby requ
Dice6face 3 Cast three sixes three times while playing Zonk. George is superstitious -- he'll think it's a sign. 5 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Once he took a drop, George finally decided to tell me his troubles.

Quest illus george

George My lady, you are very kind and you are even going to give me a raise. But money gives me no joy any more. I have other troubles in my life!
George You're going to laugh, my lady, but I fell in love. Yet, it looks like the heart of this cold beauty is elsewhere.
Player WHERE?
George There's this nasty piece of dwarf that's been sidling up to Gail with his cart full of stuff. And I, I don't even know how to court ladies.
Player I'LL HELP!
George You are so kind, my lady. You are beautiful, you're sure to have a crowd of admirers. Tell me how to win the beautiful Gail's favor!
Player WE'LL DO IT!


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