The Ruby mine is a structure.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Ruby mine stage1
Stage 1
1 rewarded by game in 19.01.2016 update
Ruby mine stage2
Stage 2
5 Drill Bit, 15 Mortar, 4 Ladder 500 Xp requ,
1000 Coin scr
Ruby mine stage3
Stage 3
6 Diamond Auger, 10 Wheel, 40 Dragon Tooth 500 Xp requ,
2000 Coin scr
Ruby mine stage4
Stage 4
9 Diamond Auger, 10 Decorative Marble, 5 Cambric 500 Xp requ,
2000 Coin scr,
3 Ruby requ


An operated mine brings rubies once every 8 hours, 30 times in a total. Each round yields 1-2 Ruby requ, sometimes with a +15 Energy drink, Screw nuts, Victorium.

Afterwards it disappears and leaves behind a chest. The Ruby mine does not remain as, leave behind, or reward a decoration of itself.