The Sawmill cuts and processes trees. It does not need energy and has no object size limit like the player character.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Sawmill lv1
Lvl 1
  • 1 extant on Estate/Camp
  • bought at Market
Lvl 2
20 Wood, 10 Bricks, 10 Wheat 100 Xp requ Speed: 6 logs/h,
Capacity: 12
Sawmill lv3
Lvl 3
50 Wool, 25 Nails, 5 Fabric
FBFacebook logo:90 Raspberry, 15 Nails, 5 Fabric
1000 Xp requ Speed: 10 logs/h,
Capacity: 30
Sawmill lv4
Lvl 4
150 Pepper, 3 Ladder, 1 Circular Saw
(FBFacebook logo: same)
3000 Xp requ Speed: 20 logs/h,
Capacity: 60


The Sawmill can cut all kinds of trees. It doesn't require energy and can cut trees regardless of their size. In cutting trees it produces wood only, it doesn't collect any byproducts, like e.g. collection items.


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