Secret Hideout is a location in the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.

It goes together with the Secret Hideout questline.


Tagline: "Your father's secret estate. Who knows what secrets this island hides!"


Map areas: starting area (island), Secret Hideout area (building foyer), Father's workshop area (W), Sunken Basement area (E), Father's Office (N).


Objects to take home: ...

Resources: special resources are Obsidian Deposits, Sulfur, White Marble, Bamboo, Rubber Tree, Fire Bush, Pineapples, Energy tree, Archive Records.

Georesources: Sulfur x3, Obsidian Deposits x3.

Sublocation: Father's DiaryEdit

Father's Diary is a sublocation in the location Secret Hideout. It can be reached through the Father's Diary portal.

Tagline: "Grimoire with father's memories. It has pages missing."

Structures: Storage, Father's Memories Father's memories arch.
Resources: none.
Georesources: none.

Beginning in the starting area (SW), the Father's Memories each unlock a new area that can be clicked for a memory and reward:

  • Old King area (NW), Father and King give the message "Wait, Wait... you mean to tell me that only magic can stop the catastrophe comng from the north? We have to do something as soon as possible! Call the royal magician now!" and reward: 1 Office Code, Energy requ, Xp requ, Coin scr.

Sublocation: Sea bottomEdit

Sea bottom is a sublocation in the location Secret Hideout. It can be reached through the Bathyscaphe portal.

Tagline: "Put on the Scuba Set to use the Bathyscaphe! You can make the Scuba Set on Father's Workbench."

Structures: Storage (SW), Ship Debris.

  • Father's Chest Chest wooden 3 closed x6 (contains: ...)

Decorations: ...

Resources: Corals, Shell, Algae.

Georesources: none.


Colony not (yet) available.


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