The Snowman


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Stage 1
1 rewarded by quest Woodland Beauty
Snowman stage2
Stage 2
50 Icicle, 20 Snowball, 150 Strawberry
/?+?+? Ruby requ
500 Xp requ
Snowman stage3
Stage 3
50 Snowball, 150 Wood, 5 Gloves 750 Xp requ
Snowman stage4
Stage 4
100 Snowball, 5 Muff, 15 String of Beads 1000 Xp requ
Stage 5
150 Snowball, 15 Candy, 5 Ribbon 1500 Xp requ
harvesting cycle Cooldown will trigger the 1st Phase of 72 h during which it needs 10 Icicle, 1 Muff, 5 Beads or will melt;

after taking care: 2nd Phase of 10 h to transformation & harvest. If after 3 days you fail to maintain the Snowman and it melts, it ???.


Snowman melted

Melted Snowman

The structure can be harvested regularly on a cycle, to receive numerous rewards. It takes 10 hours to bloom and be ready to harvest. When harvested it needs to be provided with certain items to restart the cycle, during a phase of 3 days. If it is not tended to within this time limit it wilts, and will need additional items to repair and restart it again. Storing the structure also wilts it.

Caring after harvest:

Repairing after wilting:

  • ...

Snowman harvest:


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