Quest descriptionEdit

I was awakened by a terrible noise; the earth was shaking, pots and pans were falling off their shelves and there were shards of glass everywhere. The frightened servants were running around the courtyard. "It's starting, your Grace, it's starting," the dwarves were yelling and comically jumping up and down with their short legs, "Don't be afraid your Grace, it's not an earthquake, It's Spring Foresting -- new trees and rocks are coming up. It's just for a week." Well, there's no time to lose there's lots of work to get done.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Steel 10 We'll need lots of hammers and pickaxes; I have to get 10 pieces of steel ready. 5 Ruby requ
Wood 30 Tell the Sawmills to cut wood, collect 30 logs. 5 Ruby requ
Apple 15 Your workers will need lots of food, stock up on apples, 15 should be enough. 10 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Lots of wood is a good thing, unfortunately I'll have to replace all the glass now.


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