Quest descriptionEdit

Looks like everything is ready to fire! Load up and let 'em have it... Although, I don't like the look of the lights in this tower. I bet they're plotting something!

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Catapult 1 Fire the first shot from the catapult 1 Ruby requ
Catapult 1 Fire the second shot from the catapult 1 Ruby requ
Find-Chest 1 1 Finish the darn Tower and load the Main Bandit's Treasure into the Airship 1 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Oof, we barely managed... Look how the treasure chests are shining! There are scrolls too!

Quest illus pilot

Pilot: I dug through the journal of the Tower Captain. There are some clues about what to do next. There are ruins of an ancient portal somewhere by the Lake.
Player: So what?
Pilot: We've got to find it and restore it -- what else? according to the Captain's notes the portal was to the north-east.
Player: Is that all?
Pilot: Nope. We're in luck. The captain had a Cornerstone in his chest. It's an ancient artefact that the buiders of old used for GUARD Towers.
Player: What for?
Pilot: They say that if the Towers are lit with a magic light the bandits don't dare to come close to the Towers.
Player: Clever!
Pilot: You can buy the pit for the Tower and then build it using the Cornerstones! But for now, out first goal is to resore the portal
Player: Let's go!


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