For the item, see Stones.

Stones or rock is a kind of natural resource. They can be cut to receive stones. When fully cut down in home areas, they leave behind a treasure chest.

Rock clusters that yield more than your total energy needs to be processed through a Quarry. You can then stop it after it's low enough to harvest in which you can then mine using energy to get random Collections or leave until it's depleted.

They do not change appearance when being harvested. Some change their appearance with the season, e.g. by being snow-covered.

The rocks in this article are the "regular" rocks. There are more kinds of rocks and similar resources that also give other resources or have other differences, which therefore have their own articles. Those can be found via the article natural resource, e.g. malachite.


Extracted from the resource:Edit

Per click:

In expedition locations, rocks yield travel finds:

Treasure chest 1

Small treasure chest: Stones greybrown 11pcs, white 14pcs (WIP, still gathering info)

Treasure chest 2

Medium treasure chest: Stones white22 (WIP, still gathering info)

Treasure chest 3

Big treasure chest: Stones 90pcs, 39pcs, 45pcs (WIP, still gathering info)

Quests using the resource:Edit

Lady quests:

Knight quests:

  • ...


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