Quest descriptionEdit

Portal restoration was going full steam; the dwarves were brisk with their hammers, while the druid was explaining the blueprint to them. "Your Ladyship," he turned to me. "If we don't want a delay we should get a head start on a lot of glass, we'll also need wheat for the enchantment ritual."

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Wheat 200 Grow 200 bushes of wheat; you'll need it to enchant the Portal. 20 Ruby requ
Glass 20 Make 20 pieces of glass in the Workshop 20 Ruby requ
Portal stage5 1 Make the fourth Portal improvement. none

Quest completion descriptionEdit

During the enchantment rite there was a sharp whistle, the Portal was illuminated by a flare and a box with a golden key appeared out of nowhere. It looks like this expensive project will actually bear some fruit! Too bad the Portal can only be enchanted once.