The Return of the Son Quest icon handshake
Quest illus road
  • 5 Glory relv
  • 500 Xp requ
Questline Episode 2 (Knight)
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Saving Private Froy Operation Clean-up

Quest descriptionEdit

Sir Froy's son doesn't look his best -- his clothes are torn, he is haggard and famished. The old man should not see him like this. I should take care of him before taking him back to his father.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Clothesm-Casanova rig-out 1 Buy any civillian clothing for Sir Froy's son 1 Ruby requ
Cherry brandy 1 Buy Cherry Brandy for Sir Froy's son 1 Ruby requ
Tea 1 Buy tea for Sir Froy 1 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Froy thanked me for saving his son. Then he was silent for a long time. And then he said: "I am old and I am not afraid of anything anymore. But I have children. That's why you should be careful in your search. It might lead you to high places. Think of who lives at your mother's estate, think that the answers you seek might be found there." I should talk to Uncle as soon as possible.

Uncle: You want to know who lives at your mother's old estate? That's no secret. Sir Weimar, first cousin once removed of Duke Henri owns it. The estate was given to him for valor in suppressing a rebellion a few years ago.
Player: What kind of person is he?
Uncle: He is a harsh and curt warrior. His neighbors don't like him much - he is a tight-lipped recluse, and people suspect all sorts of things in cases like that.
Player: How do I get to the estate?
Uncle: You'll get a chance soon. I have news. The King decided to visit the northern provinces and he and his court will be here soon. Sir Weimar is giving a grand Tournament in his honor. And you, my dear Nephew, should get ready for it, because that's your chance to prove your mettle at court.
Player: Me? At the Tournament?
Uncle: Yes, so you should leave of everything else for now. For starters, you should take care of your camp - it's right on the King's Road, that means the King is sure to ask whose camp it is and what a nice lad lives in it.
Player: Let's Get Ready!