Quest descriptionEdit

Here they come again! Where do these bandits ever come from? I'll finish listening to Auntie later, for now -- to arms!

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Bandits1 5 Defeat 5 full gangs of bandits with Energy magic 10 Ruby requ
Table full2 10 Send 10 Dishes to the Knights of your acquaintance, preferably -- borscht 10 Ruby requ
Poppy plant 150 You should plant and harvest lots of poppies because they are red and beautiful 15 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

This legend is so sad and hopeless.

Quest illus aunt

Aunt: Let's continue! They fell in love with each other, but the girl's father found a better husband for her. He wasn't a bad man, but she didn't love him and told her father that she'll only marry the gardener.
Player: Good girl!
Aunt: The girl's father was a great lord and could not let his daughter marry a gardener. It would have brought hame to his name. Then this lord accused the gardener of stealing and, as punishment, he was supposed to be sent to the frontline of the war along with other criminals.
Player: Did he run away?
Aunt: He couldn't run away, the estate was well guarded. The gardener realized that he won't come back alive, so in token of his eternal love he created an incredibly beautiful pond in the middle of the garden, so that the girl would come there and remember him.
Player: What happened then?
Aunt: I see you've gotten distracted from your daily chores. He-he! Go on, get back to work and I'll get back to storytelling.
Player: It's a deal


  • Any dish will do for the second requirement, it doesn't need to be borscht.

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