Quest descriptionEdit

Have a seat, lass, we're going to the Lake of Sorrow! It'll be nice if our trip does not end in sorrow for us!

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Airship 2 1 Go to the Lake of Sorrow to begin your trip to the North. 5 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Hurray, it is so mysterious and foggy here! It must be dangerous too.

Quest illus pilot

Pilot: Jokes are over. This is a wretched place, it's all foggy and there are no roads.
Player: So, what do I do?
Pilot: You'll have to go through the fog. The fog sticks to rocks and trees, you'll have to cut your way through.
Player: Where to?
Pilot: You have to find a way to get to the Fairy Tree. They say it's on a lake surrounded by water and fog on all sides. Yet, there must be a way there, there must!
Player: Let's begin.
Pilot: Hold on, one more thing. These are magic lands and you can find quite a bit of treasure here (squinting at the skeleton). The more ENERGY you use to strike at a tree or a stone, the more treasure you can find -- that's how this place works.
Player: Let's go!


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