Quest descriptionEdit

You have to concentrate and make the best armor you possibly can. And then shine it up.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Armorm-Bright 1 Make another Reinforced armor at the Forge.
FBFacebook logo: Improve any armor in the Forge.
3 Ruby requ
Wool 10 Get some wool to polish the armor 3 Ruby requ
Free gifts 10 Send out invitations and free gifts to your friends 3 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

As soon as I finished getting ready there was a far-away din of trumpets. Twenty minutes later the King himself dismounted by my camp.

Quest illus kingfingerguns
Quest illus queenhandsdown

King: Ha-Ha-Ha! What kind of beardless knight is this! You're shining like a polished pot. You must be getting ready for tournament, lad?
Player: Yes, Your Majesty
King: You sure look green, but why not? When I was your age...
Player: ....
Queen: You, at this age, were certainly not so cute...Nor so slim.
Player: (Bow to the Queen)
King: Lord, woman. Can't you be quiet for minute? Hey, kid, come on, join the procession. We are going to the Weimar castle. We'll see what you're good for when we get there.
Player: Yes, Your Majesty