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Trash and scraps appear on the Camp after the Knight has eaten a dish.

They can be cleared away by a Knight with the use of energy, or for free by a Lady Admirer with one or several clicks. By clicking the trash a Knight can ask for cleaning help, sending a message to all his lady admirers.

The Lady Admirer receives a reward for clearing the trash (Lady reward: coin, XP, glory, energy, Love, Helmet, Horse & Heraldry items), and it leaves behind a treasure chest for the Knight (Knight reward: ???).


Object Information Treasure
Trash 1
Scraps, 1pcs
  • leftover from Lv 2 dishes: Jam, Pancakes, Steak, Tea, Cherry Brandy
  • clearing reward for Lady:
    • 600 Coin scr, 2-3 Xp requ, 2-4 Glory relv, 0-1 Energy requ
    • collection 1-2: heraldry, helmet
    • item 0-2: love
  • clearing reward for Knight: small treasure chest, contains: ???
Treasure chest 1
Small chest
Trash 2
Heap of scraps, 2pcs
Treasure chest 2
Medium chest
Trash 3
Pile of trash, 4pcs
Treasure chest 3
Large chest
Trash pumpkin
Pumpkin Trash
Treasure chest 3
Large chest
Trash feast
Feast leavings, 3pcs
  • leftover from dishes: ?Kompot, ?stewed meat
  • clearing reward for Lady:
    • 10-20 Coin scr, 2-4 Xp requ, ? Energy requ
    • collection 0-1: flower, soilder, ...
    • item ?: ...
  • clearing reward for Knight: gift, contains: ???
Gift military 1
Private's gift


  • compare unwieldy stone
  • If you have a sent request to help clean up, but upon arrival at the Knight's Camp there is no trash, then someone else cleaned it up. Any of a Knight's admirers can clean up on their Camp, and cleanup requests are not personalized.

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