Res pine 3 whole cut

A Pine, whole and started to be cut down.

Trees are a kind of natural resource. They can be cut to receive wood. When fully cut down in home areas, they leave behind a treasure chest.

Trees that yield more than your total energy needs to be milled through a Sawmill. You can then stop it after it's low enough to harvest in which you can then cut using energy to get random Collections or leave until it's depleted.

They change appearance when being harvested, showing cuts (except for old trees like deadwood). Some change their appearance with the season, e.g. by being snow-covered.

Just like Grass and Weed, after some time trees will start to reappear and grow on your estate/camp.

The trees in this article are the "regular" trees. There are more kinds of trees that also give other resources or have other differences, which therefore have their own articles. Those are: Cedar, Hawthorn.


Broad-leaved treesEdit

·English: Rowan · Deutsch: Esche ·

·English: Small Rowan · Deutsch: Kleine Esche · Italiano: Sorbo Piccolo ·

·English: Willow · Deutsch: Weide · Français: Saule ·

·English: Lesser Maple · Deutsch: Ahorn Kleiner · Español: Arce pequeño · Italiano: Acero Piccolo ·

·English: Maple · Deutsch: Ahorn · Italiano: Acero ·

·English: Deadwood · Deutsch: Dürrholz · Italiano: Albero Morto ·

·English: Linden · Deutsch: Linde · Français: Tilleul · Italiano: Tiglio ·

·English: Marsh Linden · Deutsch: Sumpflinde · Español: Tilo del pantano · Français: Tilleul des marais ·

·English: Oak · Deutsch: Eiche · Français: Chêne ·

·English: Snowy oak · Deutsch: Verschneite Eiche ·

·English: Ash · Italiano: Cenere ·

·English: Mellow tree · Deutsch: Saftiger Baum · Español: Árbol delicado · Français: Arbre douillet ·

·English: Orange Tree · Deutsch: Orangenbaum ·

·English: Red Tree · Deutsch: Roter Baum ·


·English: Small Fir · Deutsch: Kleine Tanne · Français: Petit Sapin ·

·English: Pine · Deutsch: Kiefer · Español: Pino ·

·English: Fir · Deutsch: Tanne · Français: Sapin ·

·English: Pine · Deutsch: Kiefer ·

·English: Snowy pine ·


·English: Palm · Français: Palma ·

·English: Red Palm Tree · Deutsch: Rote Palme ·

Trees with regular different content:

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  • Sometimes trees have other contents in temporary events or locations; see those events or relevant articles for that.

In expedition locations, trees yield travel finds:

Treasure chest 1

Small treasure chest: Small Fir, Pine:

Treasure chest 2

Medium treasure chest: Fir

Treasure chest 3

Big treasure chest:

  • ? Xp requ
  • ? Coin scr
  • ? Energy requ
  • ...

Quests using the resource:Edit

Lady quests:

  • ...

Knight quests: