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Uncle Bill is the player's uncle and Aunt Mary's husband.

He teaches the player about life and work on the Camp, combat, and leads them through many quests. His title is Viscount.

Lady players are able to add Uncle Bill as an Idol. He will automatically accept and become your admirer in return. You can feed Uncle Bill and he will dedicate combats to you, earning you glory and items.
There are no trash left behind so you get no reward from that. You also get no reward from feeding him.

  • For quests asking Ladies to feed a Knight. You can feed your food to Uncle Bill. He Takes Food under lvl 10; Jam, Pancakes, Steak, Tea, ...

Everyday at reset, Uncle Bill, will send you a random free gift.


Game screenEdit

Map uncle's camp fon1

Uncles's Camp. Added to game with 18-08-2015 update


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